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–On the Show:

–David Shimer, fellow at Yale University and author of the book “Rigged: America, Russia, and One Hundred Years of Covert Electoral Interference,” joins David to discuss foreign interference in elections, voter suppression, voter manipulation and much more. Get the book:

–Exploring the future of the American right wing in the wake of Trumpism, including whether the future lies within or outside of the Republican Party

–The authoritarian paramilitary crackdown in Portland, Oregon may well be a test case for a widespread initiative

–Absentee and early voting starts in six weeks, meaning the 2020 Presidential election is upon us

–Coronavirus deaths spike to the highest number since June 2nd as cases rage out of control with no strategy to turn things around

–Donald Trump confirms that his Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany lied when she claimed that Trump is tested for coronavirus multiple times per day

–The Texas county of Hidalgo threatens people with prosecution if they do not abide by coronavirus quarantine

–Voicemail caller asks whether David ever received the $20,000 bounty for signing up for the conservative social media app Parler

–On the Bonus Show: The return of sports during coronavirus, black woman faces prison for voting mistake, Trump orders undocumented excluded from key census count, much more…

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