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–On the Show:

–A realistic assessment of Medicare for All indicates that it isn’t happening any time soon, and rather than pretend this isn’t the reality, the left should understand and use this to our advantage

–Fox News finds a top contender for the most delusion Donald Trump voter in the country after Trump’s MAGA rally in Florida

–The walls are closing in around Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump (one time?) personal attorney, over his involvement in the Ukraine fiasco

–Christian Pastor Rick Wiles warns of a “Jew coup” against Donald Trump in the latest coalescing and catalyzing of anti-Semitism under Donald Trump

–2020 Democratic Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg is surging in recent polls, while Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren are both falling off, so we discuss what is causing these changes

–53% of Republicans believe Donald Trump is a better president than Abraham Lincoln, and we discuss the specific and general factors that explain this

–More than 300 Donald Trump campaign ads were reportedly “taken down” by Google and YouTube, but it turns out they were actually never approved in the first place

–David’s latest book recommendations. Get the books here:

–A psychiatric nurse calls in and explains why she believes Donald Trump went to the hospital unannounced a couple of weeks ago

–On the Bonus Show: Thanksgiving stories and the results to a very interesting social experiment related to our Black Friday Membership special

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