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–On the Show:

–Billionaire Leon Cooperman goes on CNBC and cries over the idea of a President Elizabeth Warren instituting a wealth tax

–Profits at Donald Trump’s Chicago hotel are reportedly down 89%, which the President attributes to “violence” in the city

–Caller wonders how Democrats can get better at messaging

–Caller explores instituting a maximum wage

–Caller discusses the protests against Uber and Lyft

–Caller is concerned Nancy Pelosi is bungling the Trump impeachment inquiry

–Caller wants to know how to politely disagree on politics

–Caller worries about Republican voter suppression tactics ahead of the 2020 election

–Caller wonders if we’ll ever see Trump’s tax returns

–Audience Question: Is it time to end daylight savings time?

–Audience Question: Should Democrats slow down or speed up Trump impeachment?

–Audience Question: Should Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren drop out?

–On the Bonus Show: Michael Bloomberg weighing a presidential run, Texas setting up campgrounds to house the homeless, and much more…

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