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–On the Show:

–Massachusetts Senator and presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren proposes a “public option” for the internet that would create an $85 billion federal grant program paying for most of the fiber to bring high-speed internet all across the country

–Caller wonders if Congress will be able to pass simple gun control measures like universal background checks

–Caller talks about Bernie Sanders’s appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience

–Caller tells his entire life story

–Caller wonders if people will turn out to the polls in 2020

–Caller wonders why some people are anti-semitic

–Caller suggests Andrew Yang is weak on the topic of climate change

–Caller asks why David is so critical of Democrats and the left

–Caller thinks Republicans going after video games is bad politics for them

–Caller thinks politics has gotten too toxic and that Marianne Williamson is the one to fix it

–Audience Question: Will you denounce outrage culture?

–Audience Question: Do you consider yourself Hispanic or Latino?

–On the Bonus Show: Soccer player calls out Congress to act on gun control, dating apps can be addicting, Trump’s impact on the federal courts, and much more…

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