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–On the Show:

–Presidential candidate Joe Biden unveils more specifics of his health care plan and it turns out a majority of Americans would not be able to afford it

–The audience does not want The David Pakman Show theme song to change

–Caller offers up an interesting conspiracy theory about the establishment trying to stop Bernie Sanders

–Caller thinks YouTube is slowly becoming more like establishment corporate media

–Caller thinks the US should buy a bunch of horses

–Caller just wants to say he loves the show

–Caller suspects free tuition at public universities would cause the cost of college to go up

–Caller wonders about Donald Trump’s long-term effect on the Republican Party

–Caller asks about David’s interview of Richard Stallman

–Caller talks about whether natural resources like oil should be nationalized

–Caller wonders who the establishment will support if Joe Biden sinks in the polls

–Audience Question: Why are people afraid of a Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren presidency?

–Audience Question: Are Democrats over the idea of impeaching President Trump?

–Audience Question: Do poor white people have the same privilege as middle class or rich whites?

–On the Bonus Show: NASA astronaut accused of committing crime in space, Cherokee Nation wants a representative in Congress, health problems rise with temperatures, and much more…

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