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–On the Show:

–More and more Republican lawmakers are quitting politics because working in government in the Trump era is too frustrating and embarrassing

–Donald Trump selects Kelly Knight Craft as the next US Ambassador to the United Nations, someone who was a VIP “gold-level” member of the Trump International Hotel

–Caller asks about the minimum wage and the fight for $15

–Caller talks about Bill Maher saying last year he hopes for a recession so Donald Trump will lose reelection

–Caller wonders if Donald Trump takes his rhetorical style from Adolf Hitler

–Caller asks if David is open to debating Candace Owens or Dave Rubin

–Caller questions why Bernie Sanders isn’t making campaign finance reform central to his 2020 presidential campaign

–Caller discusses the significance of Antifa

–Caller brings up the recently surfaced tapes of Ronald Reagan using racial slurs

–Caller says he was pre-deradicalized by Secular Talk’s Kyle Kulinski

–Caller says the Mormon Church has a tremendous amount of influence in Utah politics

–Audience Question: What’s a good, basic financial plan?

–Audience Question: Will the outcome of the 2020 election cause violence in the streets?

–On the Bonus Show: John Delaney’s national service plan, judge blocks New Hampshire Medicaid work requirements, Congress fails to override Trump’s veto over Saudi weapons sale, and much more…

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