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–On the Show:

–Donald Trump will sign an Executive Order to force a citizenship question onto the 2020 census after the Supreme Court decided against its inclusion

–When should 2020 Democratic candidates polling under 2% get out of the race?

–Notable discussions from the TDPS subreddit including about David streaming on Twitch and the White House’s social media summit

–Republican Senator Lindsey Graham’s 2020 opponent, Jaime Harrison, has raised $1.5 million

–Caller wants to know how to show people they are involved in politics whether they like it or not

–Caller claims he was saved from a right-wing echo-chamber by David and Kyle Kulinski

–Caller believes the government should be operating YouTube

–Caller wants to know how to become more informed for political debates

–Caller is a left-wing police officer in New England who feels politically isolated

–Republican Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s opponent Amy McGrath has raised a record $2.5 million

–Do you want the David Pakman Show to change? Here’s your opportunity to tell us how

–Voicemail caller says progressive ideas are terrible and David should become a conservative

–On the Bonus Show: Court sides with Trump over hotel profit lawsuit, Disneyland brawl case goes to prosecutors, Pete Buttigieg’s plan to fight racial inequality, much more…

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