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–On the Show:

–Daniel Immerwahr, Professor of History at Northwestern University and author of the book “How to Hide an Empire: A History of the Greater United States,” joins David to discuss how American empire has changed over time

–Taxes are not theft, and taxes are not illegal, and we discuss exactly how to deal with cartoonish right wing and libertarian arguments about taxation, including the 16th Amendment and American law

–Notable discussions from the David Pakman Show subreddit, including fake quote members and Hillary Clinton’s decision not to run in 2020

–Despite campaign promises, Donald Trump sets new record high federal deficit and trade deficit numbers, despite it being unclear if he even understands the difference between the two

–The Democratic National Committee announces that it will not allow Fox News to moderate a 2020 Democratic primary debate as a result of the ties to the Trump administration which Jane Mayer exposed this week

–In a cringeworthy new video from the White House, Donald Trump calls Apple CEO Tim Cook “Tim Apple”

–Voicemail caller asks what would happen to our court system if every defendant plead “not guilty”

–On the Bonus Show: House Dems investigating Georgia voter suppression, judge blocks 2020 census citizenship question, Uber not criminally liable in self-driving incident, much more…

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