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–On the Show:

–Shane Dixon Kavanaugh, Staff Reporter with The Oregonian in Portland, Oregon, joins David to discuss his investigation into young Saudi Arabians who, after being charged with serious crimes, disappear from the United States

–Convicted Donald Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort is sentenced to just 47 months in prison in his first of two sentencing, far short of the recommended 20 year sentence

–The former owner of the prostitution massage parlor where New England Patriots owner Bob Kraft bought services is caught selling access to Donald Trump and his family

–New jobs numbers in February fall 89% short of expectations

–Audio resurfaces of Tucker Carlson saying women are “extremely primitive” and need to “do what they’re told” from the Bubba the Love Sponge show years ago

–The smearing of social democrats as Communists is actually a very old and well known tactic dating back about 100 years

–Thanks to Donald Trump, David gets a massive tax cut, and it does absolutely nothing positive for the economy

–Voicemail caller claims that despite his education, David is still ignorant

–On the Bonus Show: Bernie leading Kamala among black Democrats, Ethiopian Airlines crash, what’s coming up on the show, much more…

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