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–On the Show:

–A new Quinnipiac poll shows that President Trump received most of the blame for the 35-day government shutdown, while congressional Democrats see their highest approval rating in a decade

–Caller asks about the impact Starbucks’ Howard Schultz will have on the presidential race

–Caller thinks about the electability of the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates

–Caller is concerned that the DNC has already coronated Kamala Harris as its 2020 nominee

–Caller talks about Twitter

–Caller wonders why billionaires like Donald Trump and Howard Schultz are treated like gods

–Caller discusses playing the drums

–Caller talks about director Brian Singer getting accused of sexual assault

–Caller criticizes Trump’s acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker

–Caller is worried that the 2020 Democratic primaries will be corrupted like they were in 2016

–Caller says she had issues voting in the 2018 midterms

–Audience Question: Will the US ever become a socialist country?

–Audience Question: Is Donald Trump planning to invade Venezuela?

–Audience Question: How will a crowded field affect progressives in the Democratic primary?

–On the Bonus Show: Restaurant owner sells business over Confederate flag, North Korea’s edible clothing line, Pat’s upcoming travels to Mexico, and much more…

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