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–On the Show:

–The conclusion to our interview with, Scott Adams, creator of the Dilbert comic strip and political critic, who joins David to discuss Trump’s economy, tariffs, the stock market, the border wall, and much more

–Donald Trump will commandeer television channels to tout an imaginary immigration “crisis” to justify securing funding for his US-Mexico border wall, and television channels are complicit

–A new report reveals that Donald Trump did not understand how a shutdown works or what happens during a shutdown as he decided to shut down the government

–Donald Trump claims that former presidents told him they support his border wall, but every living former President has confirmed they said no such thing, a sign that Trump’s lies are becoming more erratic and audacious

–A new analysis of YouTube data assesses The David Pakman Show’s YouTube influence

–Viewer asks whether people should have to pay taxes during a government shutdown

–On the Bonus Show: Pelosi & Schumer demand equal time, NV inmate found dead, SCOTUS declines to hear Exxon climate change appeal, much more…

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