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–On the Show:

–Classic Interview: James Kilgore, who spent six years in prison for murder during an April 1975 bank robbery, joins David to discuss the many problems with the mass incarceration system in the US

–New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announces that the city will start guaranteeing healthcare for all, regardless of ability to pay, including undocumented immigrants, at an expected total cost of $100 million per year, equivalent to 0.11% of New York City’s budget

–Caller wonders whether President Trump will deliver Oval Office addresses on other policy issues

–Caller wants to know how to argue with Trump supporters and convince them that the border wall is a bad idea

–Caller is a cameraman who wants to know how to make it in the news industry

–Caller proposes the idea of a literacy test for presidential candidates

–Caller believes automation will do away with many low-paying jobs

–Caller frames the issue of universal health care as fiscally conservative

–Caller thinks Congressman Ro Khanna would make a viable vice presidential candidate in 2020

–Audience Question: Is following politics too closely bad for your health?

–Audience Question: What would change your mind about the US-Mexico border wall?

–Audience Question: Which right-wing beliefs and policy ideas aren’t immoral?

–On the Bonus Show: Wikileaks tells reporters what not to say about Julian Assange, American ISIS fighter caught, Washington pardons misdemeanor marijuana offenders, and much more…

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