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–On the Show:

–Zoltan Istvan, leading transhumanist and author of the science fiction novel The Transhumanist Wager, joins David to discuss the future of homo sapiens

–Donald Trump claims that Robert Mueller’s sentencing memo for Michael Cohen “totally clears him,” despite the document indication that Donald Trump directed his former attorney to commit felonies

–Donald Trump is starting to panic about his role in crushing the economy as jobs numbers fall short of expectations and the stock market continues to decline erratically

–Conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin predicts that Donald Trump will resign 10 minutes before Mike Pence resigns, in order for Pence to pardon Trump

–Donald Trump forces his Chief of Staff John Kelly to resign, and the planned replacement, 36-year-old Nick Ayers, declines the job

–Donald Trump Jr is reportedly hiding out in Canada as the expectation of an imminent indictment against him from Robert Mueller’s investigation grows

–Donald Trump’s former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson claims that Donald Trump asked him to do illegal things

–Voicemail caller wonders why Donald Trump uses a huge Sharpie marker to sign documents, and likens the Trump administration to the sitcom “The Office”

–On the Bonus Show: Luxembourg to make public transit free, Baltimore drivers sick of “squeegee kids,” California mandating solar power for new homes, much more…

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