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–On the Show:

–In the context of decreasing religiosity in the United States, it’s becoming increasingly clear that advancements in science, technology, and medicine won’t be coming from religious institutions as they once did

–Caller talks about the ever-increasing frequency of mass shootings in the United States

–Caller discuss Kurdistani and Israeli politics

–Caller wonders whether unarmed black men are indeed being shot by police at alarming rates

–Caller asks David why he isn’t a Democrat

–Caller believes gun-free zones make mass shootings worse

–Caller thinks that Bernie Sanders is too far left

–Audience Question:¬†Should we vote directly on policies instead of voting for representatives?

–Audience Question: Would it be a mistake for Democrats to nominate someone for president who just lost an election?

–Audience Question: What demographic is most likely to switch political parties?

–On the Bonus Show: Japanese cybersecurity minister doesn’t use a computer, autism prevalent in one-in-forty US kids, human brain can stay active for hours after death, and much more…

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