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–On the Show:

–The first half of our interview with Ron Miscavige, former Scientologist and father of the cult’s leader David Miscavige, who joins David to discuss how he escaped the Church of Scientology and the internal workings of the Sea Org

–Republicans on the House Intel Committee unilaterally decide the Trump/Russia investigation is over with no agreement from Democrats on the committee and without having explored all avenues of the probe

–House Intel Committee Republican Congressman Tom Rooney sides with logic, admitting that they’ve “lost all credibility” and the investigation was “off the rails”

–Continued chaos at the White House as Donald Trump fires Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, planning to replace him with CIA Director Mike Pompeo

–Barely covered by corporate media, Republicans and Democrats in Congress are teaming up to once again destroy the economy through further bank deregulation via a new bill set to undo parts of Dodd-Frank

–It turns out Ivanka Trump never cut ties with Trump businesses, stands to earn $1 million per year as a result, and is embroiled in a number of conflicts of interest with specific Trump properties in other countries

–Secretary of Education Bety DeVos embarrassingly faceplants during a series of nationally televised interviews, including on 60 Minutes

–Voicemail: The “cunning linguist” with the fake British accent returns, and admits defeat

–On the Bonus Show: Major snowstorm imperils the production of The David Pakman Show

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