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Today on The David Pakman Show / December 12, 2012

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On the Show:

–Todd Friel, host of Wretched TV, a Christian TV show, joins David to argue his case that because of President Obama’s reelection, the US has become a “post-Christian nation,” and to discuss the so-called oppression of Christianity in the US.

–Republican Michigan Governor Rick Snyder signs “right to work” bills into Michigan law.

–Michigan mounted police appear to be caught on tape trampling a pro-union protester at the State Capitol, while others were pepper-sprayed.

–North Korea launches a long-range rocket, confirmed by the South Korean defense ministry.

–Yaseen Ali Ege is beaten to death by his mother, Sara Ege, allegedly for not memorizing the Koran fast enough.

–Gunfire erupts at a Portland, Oregon mall, leaving 3 dead including the shooter at the Clackamas Town Center.

–Intelligence Agency’s 2030 projections outline a number of predictions about the state of world affairs over the next 18 years.

–Tennis player Caroline Wozniacki accused of a racist impersonation of Serena Williams by stuffing her bra and pants.

–After a recent story correlating lower vitamin D levels to longevity, a new study indicates that vitamin D can slow the progression of cells from pre-malignant to malignant.

–Voicemail on the upcoming apocalypse, dogs, and liberal anti-Semitism.

–On the Bonus Show: Atheist death penalty, widespread mislabeling of fish, much more…

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