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Today on The David Pakman Show / November 7, 2012

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On the Show:

–President Barack Obama wins re-election with over 300 electoral votes.

–Reviewing the smugly overconfident Republican predictions before the election.

–An overview of different networks calling the election for President Obama.

–Looking at the results from the Presidential race, including David’s 100% accurate prediction.

–Fox News gets into an argument with Karl Rove over whether Ohio really should have been called for President Obama.

–Mitt Romney’s concession speech and President Obama’s victory speech.

–The right wing equivocations and complaints begin, including on Fox News and Drudge Report.

–Reviewing House of Representatives and Senate results in election 2012, including the rejection of the Tea Party, the losses by Republicans Joe Walsh, Tommy Thompson, Todd Akin, and Richard Mourdock.

–State proposition results, including the legalization of marijuana in Colorado and Washington, multiple states legalizing gay marriage, and much more.

–Donald Trump’s post-election tweets indicate serious issues with his thinking, and continue his path down the road of irrelevance.

–Chris Matthews says that anyone who doesn’t vote is an idiot, and that he is glad Hurricane Sandy took place since it helped President Obama win.

–Puerto Rico opts for statehood in a referendum vote, and they would be another blue state.

–Republicans say they are moving to Australia to avoid citing left-wing Canada, but they seem unaware of all of Australia’s progressive policies.

–President Obama’s reelection could spell the end of a conservative Supreme Court.

–Is President Obama’s reelection the end of the Republican Party as we know it?

–Voicemail on the new Obamacare legal arguments, Black Panther at polling place, more.

–On the Bonus Show: Election coverage fail, professional cuddler, mom fined for 3-year-old’s urination, more…

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