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Today on The David Pakman Show – Best of from October 10, 2011

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On the Show:

–Michael Brooks, writer, blogger, and political strategist, joins us to talk about what needs to happen for the Occupy Wall Street protests to effect real change.

–Occupy Wall Street protests continue, and we wonder what it will take to get real change.

–Fox News gets outfoxed at the Occupy Wall Street protests, including Griff Jenkins and Geraldo Rivera.

–Patrick Howley, assistant editor at The American Spectator, admits to “infiltrating” an Occupy Wall Street protest to undermine the movement.

–In another vintage right-wing whining and misunderstanding, Hank Williams Jr. channels Doctor Laura Schlessinger in saying that his First Amendment rights have been violated by ESPN not wanting him on air any more for comparing Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler.

–A waitress in Washington DC thinks David Pakman and Best of the Left Podcast producer Jay Tomlinson were on a date at a Chinese restaurant.

–David gets a tick on him while hiking and goes into internet hypochondria mode.

–For all the Steve Jobs praises, we need to discuss Apple’s child labor problems.

–IBM patents new GPS technology that will route drivers by retail-heavy areas.

–White supremacist David Duke endorses the Tea Party, causing little surprise for many, and we discuss its implications.

–Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith becomes an issue at the Voter Values Summit, and both Herman Cain and Michele Bachmann refuse to answer direct questions about whether Mitt Romney is a Mormon.

–Louis will be on vacation to Turkey for a few show, and we talk about what will happen while he’s gone.

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