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Today on The David Pakman Show / October 3, 2012

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On the Show:

–Dr. Jonathan Trent from NASA’s Ames Research Center joins David to discuss the future of energy and biofuels, including the ambitious OMEGA program to “grow” energy.

–The Drudge Report, Daily Caller and Fox News hyped video of President Obama from 2007 turns out to be a publicly covered speech of absolutely no importance.

–More shocking Todd Akin video is found where he claims that doctors give abortions to women who aren’t even pregnant.

–Proposed photo ID legislation in Pennsylvania is blocked.

–David discusses the recent incident at Harvard University involving the President of his home country of Argentina, Cristina Kirchner.

–As we get ready for the first Presidential debate, both candidates lower expectations about their own debate performances.

–Looking at some classic debate moments, including Al Gore sighing, walking up next to George W. Bush, George H W Bush looking at his watch while being asked a questions, Michael Dukakis’ answer to the bizarre death penalty question from Bernard Shaw, the 1988 VP debate, Ronald Reagan’s “youth and inexperience” comment, Al Gore, and Mitt Romney’s funniest debate moments.

–Allowing women to drive would mean no more virgins, Saudi Arabia religious council says.

–Voicemail on transgender name changes.

–On the Bonus Show: Honda recall includes Producer Louis’ car, least happy colleges, staff vehicle breakdown stories, more…

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