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Today on The David Pakman Show / June 25th, 2012

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On the Show:

–Lee Camp, comedian and author of Lee Camp’s Moment of Clarity, joins us to talk about his book, the 2012 election, and more.

–Bill Scher, from Campaign for America’s Future and, sits in for producer Louis Motamedi, who is out today.

–Jerry Sandusky, former Penn State assistant football coach, is found guilty on 45 of 48 counts against him for sexually molesting multiple young boys over many years, and faces up to 442 years in prison.

–During a piece reporting on the Jerry Sandusky verdict, Fox News shows video footage of Republican Mitch Daniels and mistakenly labels him Jerry Sandusky.

–The Supreme Court strikes down key provisions from the Arizona SB1070 immigration law.

–Politico suspends reporter Joe Williams over comments on MSNBC that Mitt Romney is more “comfortable” around white people.

–Ann Romney’s dressage horse has a great health care plan.

–Republican Congressman and former deadbeat dad Joe Walsh has advice for Mitt Romney, suggesting Romney “brag about his wealth.”

–After a Washington Post article calling out Mitt Romney for moving jobs overseas during his time at Bain Capital, the Romney campaign hits back with an argument based on distinguishing between outsourcing and offshoring.

–Voicemail & email on Obama’s immigration executive order, last week’s Stand Your Ground debate, and more.

–On the Bonus Show: Judge decrees pony tail be cut off, grandfather gets 10-year-old a tattoo, and more.

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